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Best For TikTok Video



Version: 4.3.6

Update On: 17.07.24

Latest Version


Yas Download

Yas Download

Version: 7.80

Update On: 11.12.23

Latest Version

DTikTok Shortcut Advantage

  • Allows downloading of TikTok videos without watermarks directly to your camera roll
  • Supports downloading single or multiple TikTok videos via share sheet or URL
  • Downloaded videos can be cropped to remove black bars
  • Simple, easy-to-use interface

YAS Download Shortcut Advantage

  • Downloads TikTok videos, Instagram photos, YouTube videos and more
  • Provides options to download with or without watermark
  • Can download videos, audio or gif from TikTok
  • Allows downloading posts from specific hashtag or user
  • Advanced features like downloading private profile posts and older posts
  • Downloads can be saved directly to camera roll or files app
  • More complex interface with additional options

In summary, DTikTok is a more lightweight shortcut focused solely on easy TikTok video downloads. YAS Download is a more robust shortcut supporting TikTok plus other sites and contains more advanced download options. DTikTok offers a simpler process while YAS provides more customization. The choice depends on if you need to only download TikTok videos or want expanded functionality.